Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy - almost - birthday to Ed!

You all know Luther is Ed - Ed is Luther, right??

Ed's real name is Luther.  As a kid, he was Eddie.  In the Air Force he was Cutch (rhymes with hutch). Our last name is Cutchins.  As a grown up, he's Ed.

When we first met, we had several other friends named Ed.  He wanted to use his given name - Luther - so for the last couple years, he was Luther.  We tend to go back and forth.

Now that's cleared up - it will be Ed's 62nd birthday on April 7.   I am going to make him a virtual birthday card from his friends, family, co-workers.

Because he can't use his hands, he stays off Facebook and email and I know this keeps him far away from his friends, family.   He misses his co-workers.  He misses friends.  I know he'd be so psyched to get a birthday greeting from you all!!

We did get his wheelchair hooked up with blue-tooth and technically, he's supposed to be able to get on his phone or computer.  But he had to use his head to scroll and he was bouncing off his head piece like crazy.   His head piece beeps whenever he presses against it so it was like beep beep beep beep over and over trying to read Facebook.

The whole point of this is to ask those of you reading to rally and send me a short video wishing Ed a happy birthday.  You need a smart phone for it!  I'm going to link all the videos together in to one virtual birthday card.  I figured out how to do it -- I'm pretty excited about that!!

Send your video to in the next week.

Thanks everyone!!!

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