Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy days!

So here we are at the pool (Jeff and Noreen's pool!).  Luther, Mia, me.

We've had some great days.  A few lazy ones in there (like today!). Perfect weather. Nothing pressing on the list of things to do.

It was Luther's birthday last week. I made plans to take him to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.

We were both pretty jazzed because he'd get to take a shower.  Isn't that as good a reason as any to be excited about a mini-vacation!?  He can no longer use the shower here - he can't get in to it.  We "hose him down" - the 'ole sponge bath...  but it just doesn't feel as good as a hot shower!

<----- At the casino!

The casino itself was amazing.  The accessible room had the best bathroom ever.  Grippy, non-slip floors.  The bench in the shower was padded - an important detail for someone with such a bony butt. Lots of space for his wheelchair.

It's funny how your priorities change... in the past an awesome happy hour and a great restaurant were on the list of "must haves" in a hotel. Now, we look for tall toilets and padded shower benches.

Luther liked going to casinos until his hands didn't work anymore.  Problem solved!  I got him this stick he holds in his mouth.  It's for lots of things - pushing buttons on a remote, a calculator, a computer - and slots!  The thing I love about Luther is he doesn't really care what anyone else thinks.  He pushed buttons with this stick in his mouth and had a great time!

I got him this t-shirt blanket for his birthday.  When he moved in with me 3 years ago, he had all these worn out t-shirts.  I wanted to get rid of them but he said NOPE!  Keep in a bag, maybe some day make a blanket.

I finally did!  It's a great way to preserve memories - he was pretty surprised.

The usual stuff is still moving along. Luther doesn't want to eat.  He's pretty tired all the time.  The birthday fun, the casino - all of that tuckered him out for a few days after.  We're coming to the realization driving more than an hour hurts his body... thinking of the drive home is daunting.

But all of that just feels like the usual.  Lately, I don't feel too bogged down in it, which is a nice change of pace.

Life moves along.  Today it's moving along quietly.  Gentle.  It feels nice.

I'm going
to capture this feeling and bottle it up!

Tuck it away so the next time I get wigged out, I can remember what a lucky duck I am for having these moments.

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