Saturday, September 17, 2016

Card campaign!!

My handsome husband (on the right) being enlisted in to the Air Force.

Ed had a 20 year career that took him all over the world.

Thought it would be fun to share.

The reason for this post is to get all of you to send Ed a "we're thinking of you" card.

I got the idea from his co-workers at the State Police in Virginia.  They got together to send him a card.

Ed is always so uplifted when I read him FB posts - he loves hearing from friends.  He uses his computer as much as possible but he gets tired pretty quickly.

I thought that in this day and age when emails and texts are our usual way of keeping in touch, a good old-fashioned card would give him a smile.  And that is always, always my #1 goal.

Our address is:

Ed Cutchins
500 12th Ave NW
New Brighton, MN  55112

Thanks so much!!!

Last year in Florida, at the Hard Rock in Tampa. It was a fun trip!!

We aren't making the trip to Florida this year. That's definitely been sad.  We're grateful we have the memories from the last two winters.

Don't put off those things you want to do!!  Both Ed and I wish we would've traveled to 100 more places!

Life really is way too short.  So now, we're enjoying our time together in smaller ways.

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