Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's been a while...

I haven't written much here lately.  What is to say that I haven't said?  Broken record?

I use this blog as a way to vent.  A diary, I guess.  The support and comments I got in the beginning felt great.  Feels great.  And yet, I forget sometimes this is public.  I've come here just to write stuff.  Get it out of my head.  I don't write with an audience in mind.  If I did, I wouldn't swear.

Is what I say going to affect how someone thinks of me?  Of Luther?  Does every little thing I think need to be made public?  Does what I write need to be inspiring?  Positive?

Not that many people read this blog.  I can see the numbers.  At most, fifty.  At least about seven.  When someone reads this, I'm grateful to know someone has shared this part of my life.  I don't expect a comment or an answer.  I appreciate it when someone reaches out and shares their story or their feelings or their concerns.

I don't want to censor what I think, what I write.  But I don't want to worry anyone.  At times, I might write something that feel awful.  And then I forget to come back - maybe an hour later - maybe the next day - that something good happened.

Luther update:

He's been missing a lot of work so he made the decision to stop working.  We're not exactly sure when - he just told his boss last week and they're figuring out a good stop date.

A realtor is coming over this week.  We're trying to understand our housing options.

A home health care person is on the horizon... especially when he stops working.

Dragon software was ordered so he can use the computer with his voice.

Luther's more tired than ever.  He's still walking but the simplest things wear him out.  He sleeps a lot.

That's about it.  Not much new to report.  A good thing, I guess.


  1. You write, we read. Just keep on doing it. There's not much people like us can do, but, be here and read what you write.
    Does Luther ever think about writing in a blog? Paula an I knew a fellow that went through an extremely long Alzheimer illness. He and his wife wrote a couple of books about the experience from his point of view and she wrote about her point of view. The books help other people who are going through the experience.

    Take all the advantage you can of the help from the VA, and what ever other agencies that exist to help you two out. People gripe a lot about the taxes we pay in Minnesota. As long as people who need help get help, it is OK by me.

    Tell Luther hello from me -

  2. I did tell Luther hi! He's thought about having a blog. I gave him the password to this one and I'm hoping he'll add his thoughts here.

    The VA has been wonderful and we're so lucky to have their help.

    Thanks for the message, Jim!