Sunday, June 15, 2014

Big night out!

Last night was the first night we used the wheelchair out.  This was the manual chair - not the new power one.   We need the van for the power wheelchair - hopefully that will be here soon.

My sister - who is a champ with helping me (and Luther) out - drove us.  We went to the Dakota to see a band.  Dinner earlier downtown.  We met some friends of mine.

It was excellent!  I ran in to a few ankles but people seemed to be pretty understanding.  We wheeled the chair right up to a table - perfect height.  We had an awesome dinner, great company - a few cocktails!

We walked over to the Dakota and realized the reservations I'd made weren't going to work for Luther's chair. My girlfriend is incredible at getting stuff done so she got us a great table - the Dakota staff was very accommodating.

What's secretly interesting is to watch people respond to someone in a wheelchair.  It's a study in kindness and community spirit.  Holding open doors, helping maneuver the chair, stepping in to help lock the chair and frankly, just getting out of my way (!!) was pretty cool.

We had fun - my friends are good with us, they keep me grounded, they don't see Luther as sick.  My sister is always fun to be with - she's understanding, a trooper and just good people.

It's times like last night I realize I'm fortunate to have these people in my life and because of them, we can continue to have fun, lighten up, enjoy a big night out!


  1. Hey great for you. A night out with different things to look at and listen to is always a big accomplishment. Now you have proof you are still able to do stuff and enjoy it.

    1. hi Jim - yep! I know that's important - to keep doing things with friends, to not let this keep us stuck or feel like we can't.... It helps to have friends and family who help!!