Thursday, March 5, 2015


I had written this long awesome post about Luther.  I interviewed him for this blog, thinking it would be interesting for people to hear from him. I'm typing from my phone and I forgot to save it.

I'm pissed I didn't save it and a little emotionally blah after thinking about this stuff sooooooo...

I will write more later.  A brief update:  We are in Florida.  Life is good; the weather agrees with Luther.  His mobility sucks:  his arms, hands are completely gone.  I do virtually everything for him now.  We are together A LOT.

When your muscles die, they constantly twitch as they look for healthy nerve endings to connect to.  Because the nerve endings aren't healthy, muscles can't connect, twitching starts and eventually no mobility. 

His right leg and his stomach are twitching like crazy.  He says he doesn't feel it, thank goodness. 

He's in the wheelchair 98% of the time.

Good part is his coughing isn't as scary crazy.  Is it the climate change?  That's been the only change.  A good change!

More later on Luther's "interview" later.

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