Friday, February 27, 2015

Its all a matter of perspective

Friday night, 10 pm.  We are all chilly, tucked under blankets.  It's 58 degrees. 

In Minnesota, we'd be in shorts.

Mom and dad got here Tuesday.  The four of us will be living together for a while now, here in Florida and then in Minnesota when we get back.

All seems well... I think it's tough for Luther since he isn't used to living with his in~ laws!   He is just quieter than usual.  I can't say it's stepping on eggshells.  Its just trying to be considerate of others. 

Before, when we got here, we didn't have tv.  Now, we have dish tv and the issue is figuring out who gets living room tv...

 We are warm, hanging out by the pool most days.

We went to a movie tonight.  Movies are hard for people in a wheelchair.  This is the first time we've gone to a movie since he's in the chair.  Only two places to sit, super close to the screen.  Then sitting for two hours without being able to shift.  Plus it was cold.  Luther is pretty much always cold which tenses his limbs up even more.  I fed him popcorn.  It wasn't super relaxing. 

Maybe the awkward feeling Luther has living with others is sort of like the movie; it exposes his frailty to others in a very up close way. 

It isn't super awkward, its not a huge deal, but there are little undercurrents, small moments I notice.  Luther being so quiet, not being able to settle into a routine. 

Again, it's that perspective thing... nothing is too big of a deal.  In the big scope, its all good.  Warm.  Sunny.

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