Monday, May 4, 2015

Sick Sicker Sickest

Sitting here alone, in the house.  We got back late Thursday night.  Today is Monday.  Or did we get home Friday?  Doesn't matter.  It all runs together.

Mom and I just dropped Luther off at the VA.  Feeling a little guilty for dropping my dog off at the boarder....  Ugh.

Backing up a bit - I got sick on the second to last day of trip.  I felt the moment it happened - some rogue viral microbe got stuck in my throat when we were at a rest stop.  I felt it lodge and started coughing.  I had a day and 1/2 left.  It's like my body knew I had to keep it together in order to get home.

It was Thursday night we got home.  Late - maybe 8:30 or 9.  We crashed and Friday morning I couldn't get up.  Yuk.  Coughing, hacking, sick sick sick.  Saturday and Sunday my sis, mom and dad pretty much took care of Luther in terms of feeding him. I could barely lift him up out of his chair.

Finally today - Monday - I called the VA and asked if I could drop Luther off for a few days.  Like checking him in to a hotel?  Except with hospital food.  They said sure, bring him down.

So he's dropped off.  Checked in.  I couldn't even smooch him goodbye.

Back to bed, time to get healthy so I can bring him home.

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