Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We think we have time...

Click the link above and take a few minutes to watch this ESPN story about Pete Frates, the guy who started the Ice Bucket challenge last year.

He was diagnosed at age 27 in 2012.  Watching this video is tough, yet inspiring.

As I watch his progression, I see Ed's progression.  There's a scene where Pete's home health care worker is getting him out of bed - this is exactly how I get Ed out of bed.  Brushing his teeth, his father brushing his hair... these small daily moments that become intimate yet routine.  Today, 3 years later, Pete can't move and is on a vent 24 hours.

In the beginning, his dad quit his job to become Pete's full-time caregiver.  He says doing this has given them the opportunity to say the things that take a life time to say - the important things we should be saying to those we love but overlook.  We think we have so much time.  I know we don't. Every day is a gift.

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