Tuesday, September 8, 2015


ALS is a disease of loss.  I've lost my job.  My long-term future with Lynn, my friends and family.  I've lost the use of my arms and now most of my legs.  

We lost the ability to stay in our home and moved in with Lynn's parents. I can't feed myself, brush my own teeth, hold my wife's hand.

ALS has no "survivors."  No cure.  No treatment.  I know my future.  I will become paralyzed yet still feel.  I will lose the ability to talk but not think.  I will lose the ability to eat, swallow and eventually breath.  

This video is from the NFL about ALS. The man who wrote it just died of ALS.  It's what prompted me to write this post.   Click the link below:

Our ALS Walk is coming up Saturday, Sept 19. Thanks to everyone who's signed up and donated. If you could join us, please do. If you can donate, do that. The link is below:

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