Sunday, December 14, 2014

on the upswing

Life seems relatively sane lately.

Luther's coughing has decreased quite a bit because of his new meds.

His new meds make him feel good, less pain.

His mobility isn't the greatest; in fact it's gotten worse.  For me,that's ok.  I can lug him around any time.  I'm just so happy to have him lucid and still eating and talking and swallowing.

There was a time in our relationship I wasn't sure if Luther was the guy.  The one.  I hate that he's sick, I hate that he's in pain and has to go through this.  But in so many ways, this stupid sad disease has made me fall in love with Luther so much more.

I get mad at him like regular couples get mad at each other.  It's not like the ALS has created this fairytale.

Quite the opposite - it's a nightmare at times.   But struggling through all this together creates an amazing bond.  He's so patient with me, he's so kind and generous and he's the one who holds me together most of the time.

I just wanted to write a post to tell everyone we do have fun, we do enjoy each other and it's not always such heavy, sad stuff all the time!!

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