Monday, December 22, 2014


So Friday was my last day of work.  I didn't consider the weekend official retirement days because it was the weekend.

Today, Monday, 12/22 is my first official day of retirement.

It's this wide-open, vast feeling.  I look to the future and it stretches out ahead of me.  Which really is another way of telling myself I can clean the bathroom tomorrow...

I'm not a super structured, disciplined gal.  I tend to let the day direct me -- I don't really plan much.  As much as I like to think this is going with the flow, it's really more not being comfortable in a planning, leadership role.  At work it was different -- I was good at figuring out what needed to get done and doing it. I could juggle 12 things and maybe drop one plate.  At home, I don't even pick up the plates.

It's going to be an adventure for sure planning out each day.  I feel like a clip board might be in order.

Being with someone a lot feels, ummmmm, interesting.  I think I need to set aside this feeling that I'm Julie from the Love Boat.  Entertainment Director.  On the flip side, I have to remember to go be with him.  We aren't on the same level (my 3 level townhouse).  Sometimes I get to doing something and two hours go by and I realize I've left him downstairs.  Being responsible for someone's activity is weird.  Do you have an itch?  Do you need to eat?  Glass of water?

It will be great when we move to be on one level.  And have the wheelchair inside the house so he can move around on his own.

Well - off to go do retirements stuff.

Disclaimer:  This probably isn't 100% retirement.  More a family medical leave.  As is the norm these days, my work future is in limbo.  My work's been great in terms of allowing me to change positions, go to different stores, take time off when needed.

On my last day, I kind of expected a parade or confetti.  I've worked at Turn Style for 18 years!!  My boss did show up with flowers and a hug but he said he wasn't planning on doing anything because he figured I'd be back.

Who knows?!  I might be...

In the meantime, I'm going to go make a plan!

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