Friday, February 6, 2015

A little R & R ~ Regroup & Rally

In Alabama, getting ready to head to Luthers sisters house. 

After a tough day Wednesday, we've had time to talk about stuff:  contingency plans when things go awry, lowering expectations, teamwork.

For every moment I feel overwhelmed by this disease, I have to counter that with how Luther must feel.  Always waiting on me for everything, from scratching an itch to eating. 

We agreed we need to be a better team.  We both have to say what it is we need.  For me, it's more about time or having a moment for myself. 

For him, its way more basic.  He is such a good guy he doesnt want to bug me if he needs something.  But thats why I quit working.  Thats specifically why I'm here. 
Neither of us are mind readers... isnt that the challenge in any relationship?!   I do that many times:  wonder why Luther cant figure out what  I'm thinking. 

So in a Thelma and Louise like way, we are holding hands, clasped high over our heads, in the wheelchair van, ready for the next leg of the trip!! 

Hmmm...I just remembered Thelma and Louise went over a cliff at the end of that movie.  I suppose we will have more "over the cliff" moments" ~~ who doesn't?   I think we will be ready for them!!

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