Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dream world comes to an end

I haven't posted much lately.  Some of it is because being busy.  Some of it because I have to actually form a thought and write something.  Which would take effort.

I lie in bed at night and my brain zings around, filled with a zillion worries, thoughts, lists.

Morning comes, we sleep late, the sun eternally shines and worries, lists, and frankly any thoughts fly out of my brain. 

This past three months has been a dream world.  My biggest worry is what to make for dinner.   I have had some scares with Luther... the fall when we first got here.  His coughing issues.  

Mostly though this has been the best.  For his health.  For us.  For me.

Having the luxury of this time, of no worries, it's given me this open heart or maybe a lighter space to enjoy being with Luther,  with my parents.

Luther and I have grown closer.  I love him so much.   We've become better friends.  My heart aches for his frailty, for his future.

We leave for home in two weeks.   Life starts back up!  Decisions to be made.  Lots of stuff to do. 

This low key languid really warm life comes to an end soon.  I'm excited in many ways to start the next chapter, to see friends again, to move.  But I'm sad this excellent winter is coming to a close. 
How lucky I am we've had this. 

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