Sunday, April 19, 2015

Skinny Luther

11 pm Sunday night.  One last day here and we head home Tuesday.   Via Disney world,  northern Florida,  Georgia then Tennessee.   It will take us about 8 days to get home.

Luther's lost about 12-13 pounds since he's been here.  Not a good thing.  We have a clinic on May 18.  It will be good to see where he's at with all this. 

To me, he's great!  Still eating, talking, walking just a bit.  I haven't seen big changes and that makes me happy.

I attached a map of where we've been living.  You can see how close we are to the Gulf.  To the north you see Beach road. To the south Little Gasparilla Island.  Both about 15-20 minutes away.  Beautiful!  

It's been an amazing 3 months.  Luther and I have grown closer.   We've enjoyed spending time with my parents.  

Most important,  we are heading home with a sense of connection.   Of how special our time together is. 

We need to make time for each other, time for friends and family.   Life is truly far too short to stay frustrated or angry or stuck. 

Time for bed.  Lots to do tomorrow.

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