Sunday, April 26, 2015

Who is this ALS person and why don't you like him?

At Disney world a few days ago.   A man stops us and says,  "Who is this Als?"

Not A L S but the plural of the name Al.  Like the guy who owned the diner on Happy Days or everyone's favorite climate change guy Al Gore.

We were busy eating an elephant ear so we didn't really get it.  Plus he was German so it came out a little spooky, as if we were being interrogated.  Imagine Laurence Olivier in The Marathon Man:  "is it safe?"   became "who is Als?"

Actually,  he was a pleasant looking man wearing a pretty cool cap so we weren't too concerned!  We could've used the powdered sugar on our elephant ear as a distraction and run if it was remotely Marathon Man-like. 

Sidebar:   Put it on your list of movies to see if you haven't.  I was going to post a clip of the infamous dentist drilling "is it safe" scene but found it too disturbing out of context.  Still...see the movie Marathon Man if you can.

"Who is this Als?"  He pointed to the sticker on the back of Luther's wheelchair.

It says ALS SUCKS in big letters.  Under it is Let's find a cure for Lou Gehrigs disease.

I told him it's a disease and that's why Luther is in a wheelchair.

What is the disease?  he asked.   I said do you remember everyone who put the ice bucket water over their heads last year?  Oh yes, yes, he remembered.   He said he was sorry and glad to see Luther was having fun in Disney.

He laughed and said he thought Als was a politician and wanted to know why we didn't like him.

I'm thinking about getting a new sticker.

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