Monday, November 16, 2015

Days 2 - 4 - GRATITUDE!

The biggest deal in the last couple of days has been SLEEP!

Luther and I went to a casino to see a comedian and we decided to stay overnight.

It was tricky since it was the first time he was out and about in the wheelchair using his head to move it forward.

The best way I can explain it is when you ride a bike and you want to take a right, the bike is still moving forward.  With his chair, he has to come to a complete stop and then turn, so it's very jolting.

He looked drunk, moving his head this way and that.  Practice will make perfect!

All in all, it was a really good time. We enjoyed each other's company, it was relaxing, the show was great, we smooched a little and we slept and slept!  It was wonderful.

The other big deal is the weather!  Aren't we all grateful for this weird, warm weather?  It's been a blessing for us both - it's so much easier to get around in the chair.

We had a conversation about moving to Florida for a year or so.  Luther said even this summer was too cold for him.  He got sick in July, he was hospitalized twice and he felt like he hasn't really recovered.  The heat in Florida just warmed his bones and he felt so good.

We're incredibly grateful we have a place to hang out in Florida and we'll be heading south again in January.  We'll make a decision about staying later, once we're there and see if Luther starts feeling better again.

Grateful recap:




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  1. Glad you got some sleep and enjoyed yourself! That's great.