Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disconnected connections

I spent the evening at Luther's room.  He has three roomates.  It's a weird thing.  Not many curtains.  All having different experiences, together in one room.

Luther was the only one with a visitor in the five hours I was there. I did buy the two guys I'd met yesterday little get well sock monkeys.  They seemed a little surprised...

Modesty kind of flies out the window when you're in the hospital.  They proverbial open back hospital gown.  One guy didn't have a shirt on at all.  Come to think of it, neither did Luther.  Weird body function noises.  The Oscars on one tv, Modern Family on another, some sports thing on a third.  Connected somehow but really, not at all.

Some Marines came in to visit.  It was heartwarming although as I type this, maybe a little funny.  I have a pencil and a bumper sticker from the visit. Luther said another branch of the military stopped in earlier to visit, too.  The band of brothers.  More disconnected connections.

Luther's in again tonight.  I keep thinking he's just in for a little tune up. They're pumping him full of fluids, vitamins, minerals, food, medications.  He'll come back to me a little healthier.

Another quiet night.

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