Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I fall in love a little more at the most random times.

I find that I fall in love with Luther a little more.  At the weirdest times.  I don't know why this is a surprise.  

He's so good.  He's so kind.  He's dying and he maintains this zen, southern cool attitude. 

I run around all morose or frustrated or insane and he let's me until I lose steam and run in to his arms that he can't hug me with and he leans in to me and says he loves me and then looks at me and says, "I wish I weren't dying" in the most matter of fact way and I start to cry... My heart just about explodes and I want to give him everything he deserves.

These grown up real things make me feel.  They send an arrow straight to my heart, piercing it deep and the tears just flow.  The love flows, too i guess.  Am I that unfamiliar with this feeling??  

I am being pretty melodramatic.  I've been crying on and off all day!  My poor customers.

My guy is six feet one, he weighed 230 when I met him.  He's sitting across from me right now talking to his sister.  It's like listening to Andy and Barney Fife have a conversation.  The word BED just became bay-ed.  He weighs 190 now.  His skinny little cricket legs crossed, all hunched over, laughing with his sister.  

I love these moments.  I love my guy.

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