Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three more pounds

Luther's down to 187.  The nutritionist told him if he loses weight, he'll die faster.  He's supposed to be eating 3,000 calories a day.  Can you imagine?

My skinny guy gets skinnier.

I don't want him to die faster.  I need to figure out a way to feed him better calories.

It's a little difficult at times.  He's like a five year old:  he doesn't like peanut butter.  He goes on these jags where he'll only eat a bagel for breakfast and then suddenly, hates bagels.

Most smoothies - which are an easy way to pack in fat, protein - sound gross to him unless maybe I could figure out how to make an orange whip one.  Orange whip?  I have a million recipes for high fat, high protein smoothies but no orange whip.  Add that to the list.  I'm on it!!  

Plus, you know, the hand thing.  He has a hard time using a spoon so lots of this stuff has to be finger food. He's on a pronto pup kick now.  I will admit, it's easy.

I'm off to make a slow cooker roast but I worry about his access to it.  He pantomimed the action of getting to it last night, in theory it seemed to work so we seemed to be covered.

There's always a Plan B, though.  If he can't eat that, what can he eat?  There's a couple of pronto pups left...

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