Monday, April 14, 2014


Tomorrow we go to what's called a "clinic."  It's scheduled every 3 months and it's the big one!  We see everyone from the dietitian to the speech therapist to the social worker and a few more in between.

At the first clinic, my parents attended.  4 sets of ears are better than 2, they said.  At times, I felt awkward for Luther; he was being poked and prodded in front of 3 sets of eyes.  Mostly though, it was great to have them with us for the support.

This will be our third clinic at the VA.  I have a list of questions:  can they put him on some kind of sleep medication?  his bony butt gives him no peace when he tries to sleep.  any pain meds yet?  his coughing is non-stop and to the point he gasps like a fish out of water -- what can we do for that?  when is the hospital bed coming?  Has he lost more weight?

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

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