Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things done out of love

Luther received a quilt yesterday.  It was from this organization:


Created by a mom who's son has ALS, it's a way to raise awareness about ALS.   I was contacted by Jennifer, the coordinator for Hopes and Dreams Quilting Challenge, via this blog, asking if Luther would like a quilt -- no strings attached!  How awesome is that?

I said yes, we'd love a quilt since Luther is always, always cold.  We received it on his birthday - isn't that cool!?   And it's beautiful.  Manly beautiful!!
<------- the cat on the quilt

I posted the link above hoping those of you who read my blog might take the time to read the organizer's (Kathy Thompson) story and if inclined, donate to this organization.

It makes me cry - in a good way - that people reach out to offer hugs, prayers, thoughts, time, food, quilts - just because.  It's heartwarming and comforting.  Even knowing people read this blog just to keep up with what's happening in our lives makes me feel good.

For those of you who do read all of this self-involved, angst filled, therapeutic blog, you might remember I wrote about an angel named Claire May I met at work.  She was an older woman who asked if she could pray for Luther at her church.  I received a call from her yesterday - I'm at a new store, not the store where she met me - she took the time to track me down and call me at the new store.  She wanted Luther's full name and address because she wanted to send him a note of encouragement.

So I got the call from Claire May and we received the quilt yesterday, on Luther's birthday. It was a lovely day.

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