Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another revelation....

We can't really go out to eat anymore.  My revelation tonight is if we do,  we need to eat at finger food places.

We went to WA Frost, a super nice place with items like duck confit, braised lamb neck and artisan cheese trays.  The problem is he can't eat anything he can't pick up with his hands.  Even then, it's pretty tough.

I honestly hadn't even thought of this.  I wanted to take him to a nice place on one of our first really nice nights. But there wasn't much he could eat.

That light bulb thing happened... that moment you see something really clear.  I had this moment after Luther stopped choking.   Yup.  The cough and choke thing started in WA Frost after he swallowed something down the wrong side.

So that was bad but with his sad swallowing skills these days, coughing becomes choking which sound pretty scary.  And this time, it looked really scary.

He could not breath at all.  He was trying to be polite and not make a scene and cough really quiet.  I'm just sitting there frozen... what should I do?  I got the straw from his drink in to the glass of water (another realization:  always get a straw for the water, too) and just waited for him to either give me the "i'm choking for real" sign or start breathing.

Fortunately, he started breathing.  I honestly am not sure what I would've done if it went the other way.  I'm having a revelation right now:  I need to find out what to do when he starts choking to the point it doesn't stop.

In awesome, cool-cat Luther style, he practically picked up the conversation where we left off.  I'm near hysterical tears and he says something like "that oyster didn't taste like an oyster."

It was then I realized we can't go to restaurants like this.  Like Jax where they have the best steaks.  I was actually wondering - as Luther was chatting - if, the next time we go to Jax, could I ask the waitress to ask the chef if they could cut up the filet mignon and put it on a skewer?

The dietitian did make a point to tell me Luther did not want to use utensils anymore.  He couldn't.  How did I forget that when I made the reservation??

No utensils.  Creative menu planning.  Learning the heimlich maneuver.  Every day seems to hold a new revelation along with some old ones I'd forgotten and need to keep close.


  1. Try Eritrean (?). Paula and I ate at the Flamingo just off University last week. The owners are very helpful ladies.

  2. hi Jim - Ethiopian food? Sounds interesting!! Thanks for the tip.