Sunday, August 31, 2014

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

New blog look, new blog mission!  It started as a way to get the funk, the fear, the unknown out of my head and in to the world.  9 months later and things have shifted a little.  A lot.

I'm still scared, I still freak out.  That's a given.  I'm still chicken little, thinking the sky will eventually fall.  My rose colored glasses are slightly cracked.

My tendency to overanalyze, look at every possible awful outcome serves me well at work where I can skirt around the worst and end up with the best.  In life, though, this drags me down.  I get stuck in the muck of "what if?"

Luther is my cool cat.  I've said it before, he sits back and lets me do my thing, run around, worry, ask a zillion questions - which he answers.   He tells me not to worry.  I still do.  And finally, all weary from the worry, I come back to him and all is well.

I'm going to stop so much of the unnecessary running.  Time is valuable.  I want to be still, with Luther.  He can't put his arms around me anymore. But I can lift them up, adjust them around me so I can feel safe in his arms.

Jimmy buffet attitude:   

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