Monday, August 11, 2014

Rainy days and Mondays...

It's Monday morning - 8/11/14.  9:30 a.m.

Luther's asleep downstairs.  I have the day off.  It's rainy and dark out.  Wondering how we're going to wander around in the rain with his wheelchair?  We have stuff to do!  We learned you can rig up a camera to his chair.  Maybe an umbrella, too?

I had the weekend off, too.  The things you learn when you spend time together...

Luther doesn't wash his hands.  He can't.  It never occurred to me.  We were at lunch yesterday and some stuff spilled on his hands.  As I was wiping them off, I noticed a weird color on his right hand.  It's from smoking (ok, yup, that's a whole 'nother discussion.  He still - albeit awkardly - smokes).  I asked him why I've never noticed this before and he said he used to be able to wash his hands.

Ummmm, what?

It's these things that are like a knife through my heart.  Just a quick jab, mind you.  Once I feel that little slice, I go to plan B - let's make it happen!!  Let's wash your hands, for god's sake.

Apparently, Luther and I still have some communication issues!  All I need is a "hey, can we wash my hands?"   Easy peasy.

We had a weird bathroom moment too.  I suppose this might be TMI (too much info) but it really wasn't that gory.  It was our first time out in a power wheelchair that we had to face this issue.

We were eating lunch outside so I had no idea what navigation inside the restaurant was like.  I figured I'd just ask. Fortunately, this restaurant - Washington Square Grill in White Bear - actually has a unisex bathroom that was wheelchair accessible.  Yay for us!

There is nothing that brings a couple closer more than having to use the bathroom together.

I'm not even going to bring up the q-tip, ear cleaning incident. Let's just say he figured out a way to do that himself for now. I can deal with only so many bodily fluids at a time.

The picture above was in the bathroom.  You can find advice in the strangest places.

It also made me think about having a resource for wheelchair places out.   I've googled this a couple times and it seems like there isn't anything in one spot that gives us a quick guide to great places to go in a wheelchair.

Most places we've been have been wonderful about making accomodations.  As a matter of fact, Luther is like Moses parting the Red Sea when we go out - people really ARE Minnesota nice.

When we were out with the manual chair, people came to my rescue many times, helping to open doors or pick up the wheelchair and help put it in the car.  Now in the power wheelchair, we've received awesome assistance at several places:  Target Field, the Dakota, and now Washington Square (yup, we're going out a lot -- that bucket list stuff!)  We're always second guessing parking, seating, and now bathrooms when we think about getting out and about.

These are kind of fun obstacles to think about as opposed to remembering to wash his hands or how I'll help him use the bathroom.  It's always a matter of degree, isn't it?  A matter of perspective.  Although it's a rainy, gray day and my guy is fast asleep, I'm so happy to be home with him, content to be right here, right now.

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