Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fundraiser dinner tomorrow night (9/10)

I've probably already hit all of you up for the ALS walk donation or invited you to this dinner.

But............ just in case I haven't -- we're having a fundraiser spaghetti dinner for Luther tomorrow night at Adagio's Pizza Factory in New Brighton   Here is the link:


It's a pretty awesome place to eat - kind of a little hole in the wall with great pizza and pasta.

$10 gets you a spaghetti dinner (you're on your own for beverages).  Adagio's keeps five, we get five.

We were going to donate all the $$ to our walk for ALS but after a lot of thought, we're going to keep some of it for us - and earmark it for his end of life care.  It was an odd discussion.  But we want to be sure when that time comes, we have some choices.

The dinner is from 5 - 8, tomorrow Sept 10.

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