Saturday, September 13, 2014

I had a great week. So great I have to blog about it.

It's weird to sit back and have this conscious thought: "I had a great week."    Weird because it shouldn't feel so foreign.  It should always be like this, right?  Or do the hardships, the tough times, make these moments even better?

I have to say how awesome it is, at almost one in the morning, to be able to feel that.  It's all good and gooey.  My feet don't hurt, my heart is happy, my head is clear.

We spent time with friends tonight. It was a fun night, played cards, talked a lot, laughed even more.

It's difficult at times just to get in to friend's homes.  Too many stairs, narrow hallways, awkward places to sit.   But that doesn't stop Luther.  I love that he lets people help him.

We sat outside for a while - perfect night.  When it was time to go in, the guys just jumped right in and helped Luther in to the house since the wheelchair couldn't fit.

When Luther and I got home, we felt giddy - all these emotions sort of bubbling to the surface.  I started crying - just little tears - because I want nights like this forever.  I'll even take a long time.

When we got in the house, we had this moment - a moment we haven't had in ages - I just leaned in to him and it was like our first date. We smooched for a while, it was a sweet moment.  It occurred to me he can't move his arms.  He can't wrap his arms around me and hug me. Or, you know, make a move.  I suppose I get the hint in a few other ways (!!!) but that thought intruded on our sweet moment.  His arms just stayed at his sides like a stickman.  But he's my stickman.

Fun night at trivia last night.  Here's the crazy crew.  We got first place last night!

I didn't want to go - I was all tucked in on the couch.  Luther was sleeping downstairs.  My sis, Ann, was calling and texting me to get up and come out.

I'm so glad my sister bosses me around.  We had a good time.

Fun at trivia, fun at the fundraiser.

Friends, family, love and support, making out with my guy.  It's been a great week.

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