Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Don't be a burden...

Luther and I were downstairs tonight, planning out our day tomorrow.  I have a dentist appointment at 10:40 then off to work at 2.

It will be good to get up early, have breakfast together.  I said we'd wash his face, brush teeth, change shirt. Yes, he agreed.  Armpits, too, I said.  We have to wash your pits.

Luther just gave me a mournful look and said, no.  No armpits.  That's just too much.

I started laughing.  The pits will send you over the edge?  Yes, he said.  I just don't want to be a burden.

Yep,  That's right.  It's the pits that burden me.  Not the zillion other things - talking about his end of life care, seeing him in pain all the time, the constant coughing/choking, the fact he's unable to reach out and hold my hand.   It's your dang armpits that weigh me down.

Note to Luther:

I love you!  Sometimes I'm running late or running around like a crazy chicken and I put your brushing hair or your teeth last.  I'm sorry for that.

Every day I want you to feel good! Washed up, squeaky clean, ready to rock!  I know there are some days you aren't rockin' out much and you don't feel like making the effort.

But I want to make the effort for you because I love you and you deserve to feel great.

Plus, you know.  Snuggling.  I want you to smell good for that.

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