Monday, October 20, 2014

It's been calm far too long... (updated this morning)

So tonight, Luther said he can't get out of his chair without help.

His chair is an old, leather chair, cracked and kind of a typical man-cave comfy thing.

But he's been on the hunt for something new, a lift chair.

Earlier tonight, we went to look at lift chairs and it was eye opening.  Super helpful to get him out of the chair.

I knew we were on this path -- he's been having a harder time getting up.  I have to help him much of the time or when he wants to do it himself, I hear him struggling in frustration.

A little background on the chair:  this chair is his life.  It's where he spends 90% of his day unless he's in bed. If I'm home, we plan to get out when we can.  And my family is good with getting him out and about.  But most times, he's in his chair.

Once we got home from the furniture store, he admitted he can't get out of his chair anymore.

Now, I can leave him at home for a few hours.  He still has limited mobility.  If he has to use the bathroom or get up and walk a few steps outside, he can.   Well - maybe not now.

What to do if he can't get out of a chair?  Can he be home alone?

UPDATE:  So it seems to be just the chair he can't get out of right now - it's too low.  He can still get out of bed, out of a higher chair.  So he'll have to sit in the office chair when I'm gone - not so comfy but I'm usually not gone too long....  Getting the lift chair STAT!!

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