Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have a good life. Tuesday night rambling...

I get pretty scared and over-anxious a lot.  But I've done this all my life.  Worry about things that haven't happened and might never happen.  Which sometimes keep me stuck in the present.  At times, it's a roller coaster ride of highs:  I can do this!  I have a great support system!  And then lows:   I'll never be able to do this.  It's too much.

Achieving that balance is something we all strive for.   I hate roller coasters.  I like calm waters, a gliding canoe ride is just fine with me.  We paddle a little.  We get from point A to B.  The canoe might tip, but that's why we have life jackets.

Amidst talk of life insurance for terminally ill people, the scare of last night's fall, an uncertain future, I know I have a good life.  I have love, I have support, I have faith, I have so much.  I know this and it's my life jacket and it's an amazing feeling.  It gives me balance.

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