Monday, January 27, 2014

My boyfriend fell down

Got home late from work, like midnight. Long story... about every three months I get in these weird grooves and work like a crazy woman.  Which is... crazy.

Luther hasn't really fallen down (other than the slip in the shower) yet.  He's lost his balance a couple times but it's sort of like how you and I would slip a little.  Nothing major.

I went upstairs to grab pj's, hoping I didn't wake him up but I had.  The first thing he told me was he'd fallen down and fell in to the fridge.  Since it was the first thing he told me, I knew it was a big deal; he never really mentions anything that could remotely worry me.  He must've cut his hand, he said it was bloody.  I asked if he needed me to look at anything?  "Only if you want to see it" was his reply.    No - go back to sleep...

I know I can't be here all the time.  But I should've been here.  It scares me.

Life is changing.  Priorities shifting.  I felt in limbo, unsure about what to do next.  And then tonight, my boyfriend fell down and I wasn't here.

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