Friday, January 31, 2014

We got a new toilet and all is well....

Back up on the high part of the rollercoaster.

We got back from the Vets Hospital where we spent the day with the neurologist (Ann), the social worker (Tammy), the dietitian (Dan), three occupational therapists (hmmm.... can't remember names) and a speech pathologist (Bo).

It's been a long day but a really good one.

First, being at the VA was motivating.  All of the people who assist patients in wheelchairs, bring patients to the bathroom - maybe what you'd call a candy-striper - were all volunteer veterans.  How cool.  And how inspiring to see people who've already put in their time and service, putting in more time to continue helping vets.  It was great.  It cleared my head.

Second, everyone at the VA listed above were awesome.  It was above and beyond.  We felt well taken care of and know there's a place to turn with questions.  It was nice to be asked how I felt, if I needed help. I know it's a small thing compared to what Luther's experiencing but it was good.

We're signed up for a home visit to help retro fit the townhouse, Luther has another visit to the speech guy to learn about speech recognition software since he can't type anymore.  He has a driving evaluation set up so he can learn about tools to adapt his car so he can continue driving.   Lots more stuff to do:  adaptive silverware, exercise programs tailored for him.  Best of all:  they ordered him a new toilet - a bidet - so that whole weird issue of not being able to reach is solved.

It's been a good day.

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